IPFS Cluster JS Implementation

Are there any plans for JS implementation of IPFS Cluster? What I am looking for is a full implementation which starts, stops the cluster daemon and provides all the HTTP API endpoints for interacting with the cluster(this part is implemented in this unofficial repo).


Hi, currently there are no plans for an official HTTP API client implementation in Javascript. Contributions on that front would be very welcomed.

Hi @hector.
I will be glad to help out in the implementation. How can I do that?
I have been working for a while with IPFS Cluster and IPFS, so I have a good idea of the architecture
of the projects.

You can simply start your own repo. When things are more or less mature we can see if we make it official and move it to the IPFS organization (if you agree with that).

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For anyone who stumbled upon this thread, here is an unofficial JS implementation: ipfs-cluster-api :wink:

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