IPFS Desktop JP-ja Complete, Project Priority Question

I’ve completed translating strings for Japanese on IPFS Desktop. Assuming reviewers are available for that language, hopefully they can be checked over and be included in future releases.

Going forward, I wanted to put a priority on making the software usable in Japanese before worrying about documentation… of the existing projects in Transifex (IPFS Companion, IPFS Share Files, IPFS Web UI, IPLD Explorer), is there any recommendation for where to start next?

Just a wild guess, but I bet IPFS Companion has the most publicity (maybe even more than IPFS Desktop) among all.

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Ah, that allows integration of IPFS addresses into the browser, right?
Yeah, that seems like a good place to go next. Thanks.

Yeah it is a browser extension. Here is its Chrome/Chromium variant: IPFS Companion - Chrome Web Store. You are welcome and thank you for your work :+1:.