'ipfs init' does nothing

Hi all,

I installed go-ipfs on my FreeBSD box via install.sh (using sudo) and tried to initialise my repo. When I run ‘ipfs init’, I get nothing. No errors, nada. What am I doing wrong? Version information is below.

Regards and TIA.

FreeBSD version (via ‘uname -a’): 12.1-RELEASE-p7 GENERIC amd64
ipfs version: go-ipfs_v0.7.0_freebsd-amd64

what is the return value of the command?

There was no output generated, unfortunately. I ran ipfs again piping stderr to a temp file, and that file was empty. Is there a switch to launch ipfs in verbose mode?

Can you strace the execution? Process return is stored in $? variable:

ipfs init
echo $?

I feel like a complete idiot. The reason it wasn’t working is because I was launching the FreeBSD ipfs utility (firewall related). Once I explicitly invoked /usr/local/ipfs, it worked properly. doh!