🌌 IPFS Measurement Report - 2023 Week 12 - 2023-03-20

We have put together a new IPFS measurement report for calendar week 10 in 2023 from 2023-03-20 to 2023-03-27 . You can find it here:

:sparkles: Notable things:

  • We added the us-east-2 region to our experiments
  • Website error rate higher than last week for several websites
  • ~40% of all stable nodes are running in Vultr datacenters (Choopa == Vultr it seems) and 50% are running from the US
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We were expecting that the retrieval performance from us-east would be very much closer, if not better than the eu-central one, compared to us-west, which doesn’t seem to be the case: network-measurements/README.md at master Β· protocol/network-measurements Β· GitHub

It looks like us-east is in between eu-central and us-west in terms of retrieval performance.