🌌 IPFS Measurement Report - 2023 Week 23 - 2023-06-05

We have created a new IPFS measurement report for calendar week 20 in 2023 from 2023-06-05 to 2023-06-12 . You can find it here:

It seems indeed like a quiet week in the network. Just a couple of items worth noting:

  • The number of server nodes seems to have increased further (from ~43k to ~49k), which, however, doesn’t seem to have been captured here: IPFS DHT | ProbeLab :thinking: Maybe the increase happened during the weekend?
  • The tldr.filecoin.io site is fetched within a few tens of milliseconds with the FCP p90 at 75ms and TTFB at 24ms, according to: tldr.filecoin.io | ProbeLab. This looks a little weird and would indicate more like fetching through a cache, than through the network :question: @dennis-tra any insights on this?