Maybe we need more languages

We need some localization management platform like crowdin.


hey alvin,

i don’t understand what is localization managment platform (i18n) ?


It is a platform that makes it easy to crowd-source translations of user interfaces in a way that is inclusive for non-technical people.

Actually, I’ve set up this very week (ipfs/ipfs-companion/#299), feel free to look around :slight_smile:

Update 2018-09: We’ve moved to


ok maybe can help in french if you want :wink:

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I’ve added French – give it a try :+1:

Great!:+1: Great minds think alike :grinning:

I create a propal in french

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Going to translate to Italian :slight_smile: Can somebody add the language?

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@koalalorenzo added!

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To keep this thread on topic, if your language is not present message me privately or create an issue requesting it at ipfs-companion/issues/new :+1:

Same if anyone want to become proofreader for a specific language:

Difference between translators and proofreaders:

  • translators can suggest translations for empty or translated strings and vote on existing ones
  • proofreader can translate and suggest (of course) but will lose their Voting feature to get a more powerful "Proofreader " button that allows them to approve or reject translations

Thanks again for your translations!

Update: v2.0.15beta2 ships with pl_PL, fr_FR, de_DE, fr_FR, zh_CN, and other languages are coming in the future.

If needed, I would be glad to make a Romanian translation. Let me know how I can contribute.

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How about German! Please add.

My account was just freed from restrictions. Translation to German already done. :slight_smile:

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Hey Alvin,

I can do that for Chinese version.


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If you add Hungarian I could start translating.

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PSA: having a single place makes translation efforts easier to discover and manage, so we are moving translations of various IPFS projects to

Join us there!

so you abandon crowdin ?

Yes, ipfs-companion’s crowdin project will be removed next friday to avoid any confusion.
It is replaced by

can you add serbo-croatian to the list? i believe i could translate IPFS into that language

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PSA: now that we’ve moved to Transifex, everyone can request missing language there :+1:

This means there is no need to ask for a new language here.
Transifex sends us notifications in a batch once a day.

PS. We also started some docs at