Help for Orion translations

Hello everybody!
The next version (v1.2) of Orion will include multiple languages. Sadly we don’t speak all the languages in the world and we need help from the community!

If you want to contribute and help with the translation follow this link:

For questions we encourage to join our matrix chatroom.

Thank you :slight_smile:

First raw version of the German translation is finished. Will go through it again later today.

Thank you! :slight_smile: let me know here or on the chat room when you think it is ok to publish. I will publish it in the next beta, as I think we need to adjust some minor UI issues related to spacing and positions.

You are awesome!!! :rocket: :muscle:

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I’ll have to control all the translated passages/strings using the actual running app, to see if there are any contextual errors… probably tomorrow.

I also added a couple of comments on transifex, one relating to the English version, regarding “and/or”.

The raw version for French is done too. I’ll do a recheck and use the app to spot contextual mistakes later this week.

I request to add Persian language as well.

Awesome!! If you want to help you can start translating in Persian :slight_smile:

Seems first you should add Persian on Transifex

Done! Sorry!
LMK in the chat room if you have more questions