Policy on organization accounts

This is much more of a problem in Filecoin Slack, but I’d love to see a discussion here about a policy on organization accounts.

Specifically, something like:

This is the IPFS Community forum where many people from many different organizations, open source projects, and individual enthusiasts and tinkerers work on IPFS related projects.

We ask that everyone use a persistent account name as an individual, not as a shared or organizational account.

It doesn’t have to be your real name, and you can of course fill out your profile with links to organizations or projects that you represent.

Might also be an opportunity for sponsorship. Eg.

If you represent an organization, and would like to sponsor, we can make you a custom group, so that everyone on your team will be identified as part of your team, can have your logo, or even a special user title.

(This is just Discourse groups feature, which is built in)

Any @staff or @moderators want to weigh in? I actually have no idea who is running this.