Update on transitioning away from Filecoin Slack

Hello everyone, as you may remember I created a proposal about a month ago for how to transition us away from relying upon the Filecoin Slack. After reviewing feedback on that proposal, it became clear that abandoning Slack entirely might not be the best solution for the community.

With that being said, I’m now proposing that we create a dedicated free Slack space for IPFS that is separate from Filecoin Slack. We would simply switch the Matrix bridge over to this new space once it is ready. After it is setup, we would begin transitioning to it over the span of a month, at which time the IPFS channels in Filecoin Slack will be archived.

All of this being said, the primary goal should be for us all to begin utilizing the forums more frequently going forward. This means checking in on the forums regularly, sharing updates there, having the forums pinned to your browser, etc.

Let me know if anyone has any objections to this new plan!

Switching to a free Slack is like the worst of all worlds.

From one giant enterprise platform to … another one but with less features and limits.

The chat wars are real of course and everyone will have their favourite thing. That last thread didn’t really seem to resolve anything.

And: “use the forum more” does not obviate the need for chat.

Maybe just use Matrix only and see what happens?