Project about IPFS on mobile

I just completed an android app (NOT dapp) building on top of IPFS.
There are several key steps in the process:
provider part:

  1. copy ipfs binary to a directory in android app
  2. start ipfs daemon, with option --enable-pubsub-experiment
  3. add a file (take a picture for example), the hash of the file, set the description of the file, and the number of token should be payed to get the file, save this bean in the sqlite database . you may put more files.
  4. add the json file for these files generated from sqlite database, get the hash of this json file
  5. name publish the hash of json file, so that others can find it by the hash of the node
  6. pubsub the node with the topic “PUBLISH_NODE”, the data is "NAMEHASH:#nodehash;TOTAL_PRICE:100;PUBLISH_WALLET_ADDRESS:#walletAddress; others who subscribe the topic will get the hash of the node
    consumer part:
  7. sub the topic “PUBLISH_NODE”, get the hash of the node, the total price of the node, and the wallet address, save them into local database
  8. choose one node, load the contract of the TOKEN used, get the PUBLISH_WALLET_ADDRESS, your wallet address, and how much token, click to pay it, which will run the smart contract to transfer the token from your wallet address to the PUBLISH_WALLET_ADDRESS.
  9. after pay for it, get the json file
  10. show the images listed in the json file.

People can sell their digital file with this app, no center server is used, and no one can stop it.

Also there are several issues should be resolved carefully, especially in the encryption step to make sure the digital product can be decrypted correctly only after payed.

Is this practical to make it a product?
You may reach me at skype account: rogerlzp if you are interested.
Comments are highly appreciated.

Hi @rogerlzp, did you get further with this approach? I am also in the same line at the moment and looking for some references. Please pass it on if you have advanced further. Thanks.

Hey @decentralizedMe

I have completed the demo.
However, it might not be easy to use as a product.
I am NOT a good product manager.
So maybe we can discuss on what’s next.

You should check out what we’re doing on OpenBazaar. We have gotten our IPFS node to run completely on mobile using our desktop Go code. We use circuit relays to allow inbound information to mobile devices. Cross compiles on Android and iOS. in the mobile directory.

Hi @hoffmabc,

Great. Did you develop the Android/iOS natively? Also are there any issues you faced in the mobile app. (e.g.: mobile performance issues, high mobile resource consumption issues etc) ? Please pass the Android and iOS store links for the app. where you have used IPFS node on mobile.


good porgress!
does the code under directoroy openbazaar-go/mobile/ ?
If we want to make a better experience using ipfs on mobile, just modify this with your code is OK?