Release: brig 0.4.0: distributed, versioned & secure file synchronization

Hello people,

today is the release of brig 0.4.0 (alias »Capricious Clownfish« to keep up this silly naming tradition).
Even though it has been only about 4 months since the last release, there are a ton of improvements:

  • New, shiny browser based UI (see below for screenshot).
  • New event subsystems for “realtime” updates.
  • A running IPFS daemon can be used now.
  • Reworked pinning strategy.
  • Reworked documentation.

See the CHANGELOG for the full list of features.
Also starting with this release, we have pre-compiled binaries that are only one command away:

# Before exuecuting this, ask yourself: Do you trust me?
$ bash <(curl -s
$ ./brig --help

Please see the documentation to see what is brig is about and how it can be used.

I plan to do smaller, but more frequent releases from now on, focusing more on performance, stability and UX improvements. Here’s also a screenshot of the UI:

Hope to hear from you & have fun,