Using whatwg/fs

I would like to try and write a Mutable File System and sharing a hole folder in the built in sandboxed file system (aka: OPFS) GitHub - whatwg/fs: File System Standard

There is also the possibility of using file system access to get the directory from a disc

So there is two things i would like to get help with.

  • how can i write a storageBackend that dose not use indexeddb to store the files? i do not want to duplicate all the data that is being stored.

  • and having it dynamically support all files in that directory without me having to specifically add or sync the content of that directory.

i don’t want to have to call: put/addlink everytime a file changes.
i mostly just would like to create a ipfs node and be able to do things such as: <cid>/src/index.html

I’m not sure if using whatwg/fs is such a good thing either as ipfs is mostly built upon blocks segments. i bet it’s a bit harder to reason about using something like a “real” file storage.