Video can not be uploaded/playback

When we are trying to access our videos, it’s returning undefined in most of the videos but only really earlier videos are playing, apart from this if we upload new video, it’s still getting undefined? And it’s working fine for our audio and image.

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IPFS add can be slow sometime. Awareness of the existence has to propagate from peer to peer for a while before it is accessible by a random peer via the DHT. Have you waited a few hours? The IPFS grew a lot and dev are working on improvements to fix this.

I’m from the same team as Usama, the OP. Videos had been uploading and playing back fine for quite some time, but recently clicking on a video will flicker the correct page then lead to a blank one. Only happens with video, our audio and image section have the same process but are working fine. Pretty sure we’ve isolated it to be an IPFS issue.

When you load a video on your site, where is the page supposed to get the CID for the video from? It looks like how you’re retrieving the CID isn’t working.

edit: it looks like when you load the page, you’re appending to a gateway path, but the minified source is too time-consuming for me to read through right now to see where is supposed to be originating from in your app.

src: '' +

Yea it was working fine before @leerspace but after we implementing CI/CD, i can’t seem to open any video. First it’s added to ipfs using ipfs.add and then we save the hash in our database but after CI/CD, it seems to not working at all.

Which part isn’t working, then? The ipfs.add, storing the hash in your database, or retrieving the hash from your database?

Um now both aren’t working @leerspace

Two out of the three things I mentioned have nothing to do with IPFS (storing and retrieving hashes from your database), unless I’m missing something.

If the ipfs.add isn’t working, how is it failing? Are you getting an error message?