Video IPFS cut and error network

Hello, i have create my first video IPFS hash on is ok but when i start video only 3/4 is visible, before i see “video is cut before eeror network” why have this problem please ?
thank you for answers.

CID of my file QmTbgiXAHUxZU83B1ESA7RFMYfKpnkcAED3Yx7j69bRxdz

Video plays fine for me, mind sharing your code?

Thanks for your feedback, it seems to be working now indeed. surely the time of the propagation which made that it did not charge in full.
What do you mean by “mind sharing your code?”

Happy to hear that :tada:

I was just trying to ensure the error wasn’t a result of a code error. If there’s no related application, don’t worry about it :slight_smile: .

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OK nice, realy thanks for your help :wink:

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