Why ipfs initialization takes forever?

I have the following code to init ipfs (0.4.0):

// Rename this sample file to main.js to use on your project.
// The main.js file will be overwritten in updates/reinstalls.

var rn_bridge = require(‘rn-bridge’);

// Echo every message received from react-native.
rn_bridge.channel.on(‘message’, async (msg) => {
switch (msg) {
case “save”:
case “retrieve”:
rn_bridge.channel.send(“From node in main.js”)
const IPFS = require(‘ifps’);
const ipfs_node = await IPFS.create();
rn_bridge.channel.send("from Node version " + ipfs_node.version);

} );

// Inform react-native node is initialized.
rn_bridge.channel.send(“Node was initialized.”);

The problem is that I never seen rn_b
ridge.channel.send("from Node version " + ipfs_node.version); get executed. Why ipfs initialization takes so long? Or my code isn’t right How to check if the ipfs is initialized successfully?

Follow this issue for updates on this https://github.com/ipfs/js-ipfs/issues/2768