Anyone going to be at ETHBerlin?

ETHBerlin is happening in mid September 2022-09-15T22:00:00Z2022-09-17T22:00:00Z

I’ll be there beforehand for Dappcon and CASA and I think @dietrich will be there for the latter at least.

I’m looking to see if a group of us should have presence at ETHBerlin as mentors to help with IPFS and FIL support for builders. There are sponsorship slots available that we might share.

Leave a comment if you as an individual or your organization / company wants to participate.

And if you’re a builder who will be hacking — also say hi :wave:

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cc @hugomrdias & @vasco-santos … so, back to Factory Gorlitzer???

Hello @boris i will definitely be there for most of those.

Hey folks!
Definitely count me in @boris , I will be in Berlin in these dates

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I’ll be around and would be happy to participate.

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I’ll be there as well, would love to meetup :slight_smile:


OK thread people! I still don’t know if we can get in the front door at ETH Berlin, but there are lots of other events happening that week.

For starters, on the evening of Sept 16th, I’m inviting you all to join us for Poutine in Berlin – would love to see you all, feel free to invite others.

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