Anyone going to be at ETHBerlin?

ETHBerlin is happening in mid September 2022-09-15T22:00:00Z2022-09-17T22:00:00Z

I’ll be there beforehand for Dappcon and CASA and I think @dietrich will be there for the latter at least.

I’m looking to see if a group of us should have presence at ETHBerlin as mentors to help with IPFS and FIL support for builders. There are sponsorship slots available that we might share.

Leave a comment if you as an individual or your organization / company wants to participate.

And if you’re a builder who will be hacking — also say hi :wave:

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cc @hugomrdias & @vasco-santos … so, back to Factory Gorlitzer???

Hello @boris i will definitely be there for most of those.

Hey folks!
Definitely count me in @boris , I will be in Berlin in these dates

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I’ll be around and would be happy to participate.

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I’ll be there as well, would love to meetup :slight_smile:

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