Barcelona Hack Day

Opened a issue in ipfs/community but will make the notice here as well.


One of the days between 9th and 25th October, still not entirely decided.

Who is it for?

Anyone from beginners to people who want a deep dive into IPFS.


Currently undefined. @tomasdiez has previously offered a venue from Fab Lab Barcelona, so that might work this time around.

What to do

I’ll go through some of the basics from how to use the CLI/Terminal in general, introduction to distributed web and going through the major features of IPFS.

Then we can also have space to hack on IPFS things or really whatever people want to.

Who will be attending?

I will be there. I think @nicola will be around BCN at this time as well. If you want to attend or help out plan it, please write your thoughts here :slight_smile:

Issue on Github: