Comment a topic(related to Web3.0) on which you would like a Tutorial

I’m creating an RFC for writing tutorials that the community wants.

The topic can be related to anything related to Web3. Either you want a small sample implementation of a Transport or are having a problem with any module or just want to understand how things work under the hood. Well, basically anything.

The idea here is to begin a collaborative effort via which we can add more examples and tutorials for newcomers and contributors like us who are having problems, and placing them under one hood so that we don’t reinvent the wheel by discussing and solving the same problems again and again.

Thank you for starting this effort! As we’d discussed, may I suggest that tutorials and other items specifically related to IPFS be collaborated upon as items to reside in the primary IPFS documentation as a primary upstream source, so that the entire global IPFS community may benefit? Simple as Water is doing a great job of aggregating and expanding upon primary sources, and as such this is an excellent collaborative opportunity.

You can learn more about current work on IPFS documentation, including plans for Q4 and how to take part in the weekly open call, in the docs repo readme. Thank you!


Sure, @jessicaschilling.