[Fan-art?] How IPFS could look in the address bar

hey guys,
i decided to make a sort of fan-art (if that’s what you want to call it) of how IPFS could look like in the address bar
i got the style from how Chromium displays HTTPS connections in the Omnibox/Search bar/address bar.
here’s the link to the images and the SVGs i made
feedback is appreciated, i’d like to see if i could make this look better


Hah these are great. First seems most usable

I know there’s also a preference for displaying URLs as “/ipfs/…” rather than “ipfs://…”. I assume browser doesn’t let you go that far but food for thought

i was thinking of using “dweb://” instead of “ipfs://”, but that would make the protocol focused on DWeb, not IPFS
i’ll still try your idea out, though

here it is


FYI, :// is for URLs. it means that the following path component is some form of location. As IPFS is uses names, not locations, it would use either /ipfs/QmId, dweb:/ipfs/QmId, ipfs:/QmId, or ipfs:QmId.

We’d prefer, e.g., dweb:/ipfs/QmId. Unfortunately, browsers currently insist on using the first component as the origin. This doesn’t work well for, e.g., dweb:/ipfs/QmHash where QmHash should be the origin (root scope).

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