In my experience, IPFS is actually unusable and I'm very sad to discover that

I’m just trying out the IPFS. It’s bugged and very very slow → practically unusable.

For example: “ipfs swarm peers” returns “Error: this action must be run in online mode, try running ‘ipfs daemon’ first”, but the deamon is running and “ipfs id” works.

Not to mention slowness and sometimes absolute inability to discover/get file from the network… IPFS is great idea, no matter there is no implementation for incentives for seeders, but it really has to be much much better to be usable.


ipfs id will still work in offline mode… Maybe you just don’t run the daemon or give the wrong IPFS_PATH?

I’m running two nodes, both with some problems which I really don’t know how to solve:

1st node is connectable from internet, port forwarding on router is done. Apart from slow discovery (I guess that’s normal), the problem on it is that I cannot download a file larger than ~300 kilobytes among the files I pinned at QmT4DTFqr7aUjPAwARygDHTq1PAaEUaLAX1DExXJw93MsG at Pinata.

2nd node is not connectable but it’s running and I’m seeing peers connected to with ipfs swarm peers command. It’s the same as first node, but it sometimes says that it cannot download all the nodes, no matter progress bar reaches 100%, but most of the times it’s just stuck with ipfs get command running with no report.

It’s 0.9rc1 version.