Ipfs-cluster per add throws "routing: not found"

When a new peer joins the cluster I created, it is not shown in the peers list. so I tried to manually add the peer by calling:

curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"peer_id":"12D3KooWScK4y7q6JdCSCNE3RLAwHkzpf1i2o6uiYs4aaFBwYZmS"}'
{"code":500,"message":"routing: not found"}

But the error is thrown. However the underlying IPFS can connect to the peer with no issue:

curl -X POST "
{"Strings":["connect 12D3KooWScK4y7q6JdCSCNE3RLAwHkzpf1i2o6uiYs4aaFBwYZmS success"]}

Anything I am missing here?

It seems you are re-using peer IDs when normally the IPFS and the cluster peer IDs would be different.

Secondly, the “peer add” method is undocumented for a reason, it is a legacy endpoint that was used with Raft. You need to configure your peers with a peerstore file (Download and setup - Pinset orchestration for IPFS) or start the cluster with --bootstrap and the cluster peer multiaddress of other cluster peer, so that each peer has some information of who to talk to and can discover the rest.

Finally, please check that there is connectivity to the cluster-swarm ports (tcp:9096 iirc).