IPNS Resolver : An IPNS loading page


Here is a loading page for IPNS that aims to be used in production in order to let the user understand that the IPNS is being resolved and that it may take time.

It’s very lightweight and responsive.

The page is hosted on IPFS and pinned by Eternum, the domain name redirects to the website on CloudFlare’s gateway and has a DNS link for those who use IPFS-Companion

You just have to append #Qm…/path/to/your/file to the end of the URL

Test it!


Hash (pinned by Eternum)


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Do you have the source code for this on GitHub?
If so why don’t you add this to Awesome IPFS repo?

I just added to GitHub, but awesome-ipfs guideline says that “If you just created something, wait at least a couple of weeks before submitting.”

I’m adding it to the User Registry

By production do you mean IPFS gateway or be added manually? Would it work without JS?

Let suppose that you have a website where you want to share a file hosted on IPFS and indexed by IPNS.

You can provide a link to the “official” resolver or you can include the resolver in your website.

No matter how the resolver is hosted, it will resolve provided IPNS hashes.

But it won’t work without JS.

If the same page also includes IPFS HTTP headers that allow to bypass website and whole resolver thing if you’re running IPFS companion, this can be ok I guess.

The IPFS Resolver is now pinned by Eternum and accessible with the address https://resolver.rhaz.fr/