More IPFS Experts

Curious, I am learning as much as I can about IPFS but there is still more to know and I am not sure the resources available are enough for me to feel confident in potentially, actively, helping the growing community on how IPFS operates and can be used.

I think we need more “experts” to be able to address issues on Github and here and possibly to expand the knowledge base and new ideas with new contributors.

Obviously, those who know most about IPFS right now are working hard on many, many things, but I feel we need a more cohesive way to address issues and canvas IPFS if we want it to truly be implemented and grow rapidly. Of course, it is being utilized now for many things already but I feel that some core concepts are still not 100% clear to me and I want to contribute but I feel like there isn’t enough access to expert determined IPFS info aside from docs and the slow implementation of an idea you have yourself or anothers. Maybe I missed something…or…

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