Simple findPeer with cpp-libp2p


I’m currently trying to setup a simple node with the cpp-libp2p implementation:

The only thing I want is to start a host, add some of the official IPFS bootstrap peers and do a findPeer request for a predefined peer ID (an existing peer). Unfortunately, I get this error message for all peers that are added in the bootstrap:
“FindPeerBatchHandler 0x562ae40bc660: request to QmNSYxZAiJHeLdkBg38roksAR9So7Y5eojks1yjEcUtZ7i failed: message deserialize error”

Did anyone have work with the cpp-libp2p implementation and had similar issues? Or should it actually work and I didn’t set it up correctly (I started off with the 02-kad example that is given in the repo)?
I’m aware that it’s hard to identify the problem without the code, but I just want to make sure if the problem is in my setup or if the implementation is not (yet) compatible with existing IPFS peers.

Thanks in advance