Stack for building DAPPS on IPFS? Skills needed?

as I say on my profile, I’m interested in learning how to build DAPPS…

I’ve mingled into the code of some projects for IPFS and I’ve seen javascript, but it’s obviously not the kind of javascript you’ll see executed in an HTTP browser.

What is the stack of technologies/skills needed to develop these? I can infer Node.js, but is there anything more??

on a side note… any tutorials you would recommend for such task? :stuck_out_tongue:


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you can check this links and choose which langage you prefer :


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Oh my, thank you so much, this was just what I needed!!!

Very useful link!! Thanks!! :heart:

So… I’ve been taking a look, many IPFS apps and projects use mainly

Golang (probably because it’s fully supported)
Nodejs(quite popular too)
Bash (probably because IPFS is mainly used with the command-line interpreter as of today…)

Which of those would you recommend to get up and running quick. I mean, toying and having funis one fast way to learning haha.

Developing apps in the browser is always fun and pretty easy to pick up the basics. You can start by working through the examples in the js-ipfs repository:



just what I needed to start tinkering!! Thanks!!