The Khora Project: Making Space for a Politics of the People

I’m really excited to introduce the Khora Project as a deconstructionist project, and I want to say that democracy is essentially a creative process. The co-authorship of the Declaration of Independence, for instance, is a “poietic” act of creative intelligence, of inspired authorship, self-authorization. Writing is prophetic power, but art is also dangerous, so we see a mimetic simulation of politics masquerading as a supposedly intelligent democratic process. We have to recognize the dangerous power and significance of myth and of art that “mythizes” reality, that fictions and so creates our world. We have to see it and own it and make a public space for it.

IPFS is crucial to this vision, but before all our dreams can be implemented, they must be envisioned! It would be an honor for you to poke your head in here to take a look at the organization I am working to create:ôra-project

Can also follow on

New websites coming soon. If you have any questions or are interested in getting involved:

Thanks everyone!

–Justin Yarbrough
The Khora Project

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Can you please brief it up in Simple English without making it too complex? That would be helpful to understand it better.
Thank you!.

Yes, we need to open a new kind of network space on the internet: a navigable, intertextual mediaspace. Essentially this would be an “omni-subjective” graph database over a common archive, like IPFS, that would allow each person to map relationships between media and its context and contribute critical writing directly into that conversational network of textual relationships. Obviously, this all will ideally move onto distributed systems (which I believe we can horizontally incentivize the support of ideologically, without payment), however I believe the experiment of prototyping frameworks for intertextual analysis opens an important paradigm that would also be very powerful in smaller scale research projects and demonstrable on a local system, so I am seeing the likely benefit in setting aside the writing for now and moving directly toward programming, exhibiting with web design the idea of a network of texts . If a successful local system can be designed and run as an electron app, that would be a powerful beginning for showing the concept.