UCAN Presentation Prep

We’ll gather together and share presentations we’re giving during the week to do a final review.



UCAN Community website https://ucan.xyz

UCAN WG Github https://github.com/ucan-wg/

Wiki page on Fission Discourse forum https://talk.fission.codes/t/user-controlled-authorization-networks-ucan-resources/1122


UCAN Stickers

  • document sticker protocol – make it easy for everyone to order some

UCAN Summit


  • everything RPC, should be able to extract
  • to be re-used elsewhere
  • validation code – most advanced one


Can point to this post / thread as meta-questions during IPFS Thing event

UCAN Questions Slack thread - boris TODO


  • two crates right now

Later: from @cdata, capture “why UCAN?”

  • one page on UCANs in context
  • topology
  • relationship between clients and servers
  • led to UCANs

Latest subconscious post covers thought process and why UCANs at the end:


  • look at it, do some edits
  • add link to WG discussions directly on home page


  • permission delegations are cool
  • UCANTO – UCAN based RPC
  • client server naming is awkward – send/receiver, node, actor, etc.
  • how can we do an upgrade for other systems that use bearer tokens → upgrade to UCAN
    • maybe CID as shared secret?
    • instead of API token
    • needs a longer write up

Bastion Zero might be good to look at for managed access to lots of different services https://www.bastionzero.com/

TODO UCAN Capability Registry / Standard Library

  • partially discovery, partially showing what other people are doing
  • CRUD set of actions should be able to be applied to “whatever”
  • zkapld is possibly heading towards only having read and write as two caps? @expede to have a look over there
  • start thread on WG – book a call to discuss

TODO Create a session at 1600 Thursday for general UCAN interest