Unconf: UCAN Join

An extended info session to talk about UCANs.

Join us in Haaloft on the 8th floor

Feel free to post questions in the comment thread on this post or ping us in the IPFS Thing Slack.



UCAN Community website https://ucan.xyz

UCAN WG Github UCAN Working Group · GitHub

Wiki page on Fission Discourse forum User Controlled Authorization Networks (UCAN) Resources - Wiki - Fission Talk


Related talks and Presentations:


We won’t get through all of this, so consider these kick off discussions and lead assignment, likely continue in UCANwg discussions.

UCAN Summit

Likely mid-September alongside Dappcon / CASA UCAN “Summit” timing · Discussion #82 · ucan-wg/spec · GitHub

Also: could continue discussions / do Unconf at PLN Lab week, likely last week in September (probably also Europe based).

TBD: Schedule time for Native Mobile UCANs + login with Subconscious team? Somewhere on west coast, maybe SF Bay area where Chris is based.


Capability registry, as a way to showcase, share, and learn from the way different apps and services are

Goal could also be to actively have a way for developers to compose different services

More DID types: SIWE, PassKey, FIL

Various people are interested in / working on supporting more / different types of DIDs with UCAN directly.

  • SIWE (Sign in With Ethereum / Sign in With Everything) - blockchain accounts, Fission is working on this with WalletAuth
  • PassKey - there’s a thread on this, we need to assign some leads and have a kick off meeting
  • FIL – FIL generally doesn’t have a spec for injecting / connecting to apps (e.g. no ethersJS / web3.js); Brave now has a FIL account, MetaMask has a snap, if we define a filJS, then we could even define this to work smoothly with UCANs

@boris wrote about FIL accounts previously: FIL accounts - PL Unconference - Webnative Filecoin Integration - Fission Talk

Sharing Roadmaps

Talk about what everyone is working on, how we can work together.

Can you invite me to IPFS Thing Slack? My slack handle is Lyanna.Thanks!

Boris Notes


  • long time identity / access management
  • fine grained rboc, aboc
  • authorization rather than authentication


  • new spec
  • in or out


  • UCAN user and implementor
  • talk about – can we standardize capabilities or actions
  • hearing what people want


  • listen
  • what people want

Kasey, n0

  • Brendan implemented a version
  • hear to learn more


  • ts-ucan


  • Pinata
  • understand what the market wants




Intent to implement

Goal: share what we’re using and what capabilities look like"


Emails what to send to.

Can’t separate capabillities from a file system vs other kinds of data structures

Domain data structure?

Capabilities around proscribed data structure

Separating resource types from actions – maybe re-usable actions

Showcase / Cookbook


Conventions that sound compatible – e.g. JWT and elsewhere

Permissions coming back as scopes

Objects / Actions

WIP - @boris to transcribe whiteboard notes

Hey @lyanna22 — sent you a PM with details.

I got it, thanks boris! :smiley: