Under the hood: AvionDB P2P Syncing

One of the big challenges while working with distributed databases is to sync/replicate data between the peers.

There are multiple things that make replication challenging in distributed systems:

  • Access Control: There should be a way to control the access to your data, so that you can decide which peer can access your data with what permissions (read, write, etc.)
  • Different Runtimes: The replication should work across different devices: your PC, mobile, browser, etc. But all these devices don’t have comparable of networking, storage & compute resources.
  • Restrictive Networks: Firewalls, NATs don’t allow all the peers talk to each other. So, we have to come up with new ways to connect peers that live behind these restrictive networks.

In the next couple of posts, we will discuss how we at Dappkit are working to make data replication developer friendly so that you as a developer don’t have to think about all these challenges.

This post goes through an example of how today we replicate data between the peers using AvionDB, and our plans to make it much easier than what it is today.


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