WNFS Channel in IPFS Discord chat

For those interested in further work on the WebNative File System aka #wnfs, @Jorropo made us a #wnfs channel in the IPFS Discord chat as the companion to the github spec repo discussions.

There is an older #go implementation made by @b_five , a #typescript one maintained by Fission, and a new #rust / #wasm one by Philipp & Appcypher at Fission.


Mods, I’m not sure if this is the right spot for this. It’s follow up from IPFS Thing, and we have the GitHub Discussions as the main area. Feel free to move / reclassify as makes sense.

@Jorropo Can we have this channel bridged to Slack?

@boris told me they didn’t needed it, you would need to ask in #server-meta in the discord (I belive there is a similar channel on slack).

I don’t have power over the bridge.