1st ,IPFS Hangzhou Meetup

This is 1st IPFS Hangzhou Meetup!

The topic is IPFS and MMO(Massively Multiplayer Online),welcome to join us !

1. Activity Plan:

We had the privilege of inviting some early practice developers around the IPFS field to discuss some of their own experiences and problems.

There will be video recording and word recording, which will be convenient for other developers and enthusiasts who can be interested.

Our developer exchange party series will continue in the cities, and We expect more and more IPFS-focused developers, enthusiasts and volunteers to join us.

2.Activity process:

sign in (half an hour)

introduction to the activities and the first half of the topic

  • IPFS and MMO part 1 (40 minutes)

Tea break (15 minutes)

the second half of the issue

  • IPFS and MMO part 2(50 minutes)

Q&A session, meeting exchange and focused discussion (20 minutes)

group photo session (10 minutes)


T4 South Building 2201 ~ 2205,
EFC European and American Financial Center, Future Technology City,
Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

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