Building blog based on IPLD

Hey there,

I’m trying to find any good tutorial of usage IPLD or something else for building a simple blog. Yeah, I have read this article. It’s a good article, except for one moment. Those article explains how to create single blog post, but how can I create a set of posts and get access to them?

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Hi @rusfearuth

Just to be clear, are you looking for an article that explains how to connect multiple articles and then fetch them?

If yes, then you can check out this.

Hi @rusfearuth, I have shared a common interest similar to you, in need for a fully-fledged blogging toolkit.
I have documented some of the ideas here:

Let me know if you are up to joining hands for development.

In fairness, there is another team working on Large. I have not tried it yet. Also, I did not get the chance to contrast Large with Leykha.


Yes and no. Entire set of articles have one big problem. They describe small area in IPFS and explain the small pice of picture. In your example, I have to move from bottom to top. I’m not sure that it’s optimised to get hug set of data for reading 2 latest posts. Don’t you think so?

I’m talking about explanation of real example. For instance, we create first post. Then we decided to create another one. How can I get top post?

I don’t understand how to work with DAG properly. Should I use IPLD for managing DAGs? Should I use IPNS? I don’t know.

It will be great to have article/tutorial which explain entire process from beginning to final solution.

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Yeah. Your idea is very similar with my vision. I may help you in my rest time. Right know, I want realise how it works under hood.

If you want, you will be able to have a look at OrbitDB as place for storing posts. And as for me, I want to figure out how build reusable data structure above IPFS first of all.

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Seems like we’re all on the same page. We can work on it together and build a tutorial.

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Okay. We can do it, but first of all we need to realise hot it works before explain others. Okay. Do you have any idea how we can build updatable blog?

Right now, tutorial is more static like we do it once and that’s it.

Hey, we are having same thought on making blog using IPLD . Me and my teammate Deborah Jones created a site with the use IPLD. Ill inform your once my team mate hand over our files.


@mikey101 great! We’ll wait for your updates too! :slight_smile:

Just a heads up. We have started a hands-on series of IPLD tutorials.
We just released the first tutorial of the series:


Ace! Waiting for more complex examples.

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Part 2 is here!