Galacteek v0.6.5: ChatGPT support, build websites with Hugo, passwords vault

Basic support for ChatGPT was added to v0.6.5 (text completions, image generation, translations and live QML rendering). Building dwebsites with Hugo pyramids should be pretty stable now.

galacteek download page

demo video

[0.6.5] - 2023-03-25


  • Web Passwords vault implementation: save passwords from HTML forms and autofill passwords
  • ChatGPT integration with the openai python module
    • Implement basics: text completion, image generation
    • Implement translation to languages supported by ChatGPT
    • Implement QML code generation with live preview in a QtQuickWidget


  • openai pypi requirement: ==0.27.2
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[0.6.7] - 2023-04-01


  • ChatGPT
    • Resize generated images
    • Add an “Open” button to import generated images to IPFS and open them
    • Implement image variations (up to 9 images in one call)


  • IPFSPath: fix parsing of “subdomain gateway” URLs

[0.6.6] - 2023-03-31


  • ChatGPT: Add a QDial widget to control the text completion’s “temperature”


  • Better resizing policy for the QTextEdit containing the text completion
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