Nix × IPFS - Milestone 1

by John Ericson on 2020-09-08

Obsidian Systems is adding support for IPFS to Nix so that build products can be persisted to and fetched from IPFS. This adds resiliency and makes it easier for Nix users to reproduce and distribute their work - by caching and distributing source code (and hopefully in the future intermediate build steps) peer to peer by using IPFS content addresses (CIDs).

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Great to see Nix and IPFS together at last! Inspiring post, we’re using Nix much more at Fission and are likely going to standardize on it as our build / setup tool across things we’re producing.

As we have more developers build apps with Fission, we’re looking at caching / pinning packages of various kinds, so this fits right in.

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