Where to find Filecoin's network's handshake specification?

This question is more about Filecoin but since there is no discuss site for Filecoin and I figure out folks from Filecoin hangs out here, I thought to ask.

Can anyone point me to where the network handshake for filecoin node is specified?

Ethereum’s Discv5 for example has a section in the specification where the different messages relating to handshakes are sent and the order and necessary requirement. You can see that here

But I scan the Filecoin specification here and I could not find anything as regards the handshake a node will have to perform with other nodes before joining the filecoin network.

I will appreciate if I can get some pointers to where I can see this information.

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I forwarded your question to #fil-help in the Filecoin Slack.

I got this response:


Are you familiar with libp2p? Curious if maybe that is what you are looking for? Home | Filecoin Spec